Whiskey can be a bit confusing since it comes in so many blends and variations. Made predominately from grains such as barley, corn, rye and wheat, whiskey has quite a few regulations and stipulations that make whiskey, whiskey. It is the most popular spirit in the world, with India as it’s number one consumer by a landslide. Whiskey comes in many different types including but not limited to; blended, single malt, Irish, Canadian, Scotch, bourbon, Tennessee, rye, and moonshine. Depending on the type will determine the regulations that need to be met.


Irish Coffee

Rob Roy

Gin Sour

Whiskey Sour

Wild Eyed Rose

Old Fashion

Mint Julep

Hot Toddy


Side Car


12 Mile Limit

The Commodore

The Witty Comeback

Red Alert

Connecticut Apple

Great Southern Pumpkin