Pinot Grigio from Italy is recognized by its light to medium body, medium acidity, and aromas of fresh melons and pears. Now planted all over the world, Pinot Grigio from Italy tends to be lighter and crisper in style. Pinot Grigio from California tends to have more weight, slightly less acidity, and a rounder feel to it.
In Alsace, France and in some other areas of the world (particularly Oregon), this grape varietal is called Pinot Gris. Though the same grape, the styles of these wines tend to be very different from their Italian cousins. Pinot Gris tends to have more body as well as a rounder, creamier finish. Pinot Gris often has notes of honey and baking spices.

Food Pairing: Light salads and seafood dishes
Pronunciation: pee noh GREE joe (Pinot Grigio) or pee noh GREE (Pinot Gris)


Light salads

Seafood Dishes