Appetizer Pairing

Food: Charcuterie, Baked Potato Skins, Bacon Wrapped Scallops

The many small bites of food everywhere go hand in hand with the holidays. When an abundant variety of Gavors compete for your attention, choose a versatile wine to pair well with each other.
Sparkling rose and prosecco wine does an especially fine job of matching the intensity of Gavor packed morsels, while the bubbles clear the palate for different dishes.

Wine Pairing

Montelliana- Prosecco

Andre Chemin- Brut

Les Andides- Cremant Rose

Le Grand Noir- Brut Rose

Charles Meras- Brut Rose

Dinner Pairing

Food:Ham, Roast Beef, Duck, Turkey, Stews & Soups, Lasagnas

Winter weather calls for oven roasting and baking. This is when the spice cabinet gets utilized more, and the meals become richer and fuller. It is important to pick a wine that will complement the Gavors of the dish. Medium to full body red and full body white
wine from Italy, Bordeaux, and Spain typically has the body and spice profile that is found in the main staple dishes of the holi- days.

Wine Pairing

Block 779 -Stag’s Leap Cabernet

Natale Verga- Chianti

Classico Riserva

San Fiorenzo- Bolgheri

Romeo Seleccion- Monastrell

Chateau Du Prieure- Bordeaux

Dessert Pairing

Food: Apple Pie, Cinnamon Buns, Fudge, Cookies

The end of the year holiday traditions could not be spelled without family baking recipes. These confections are anything from
delicious and beg for a wine to be drank alongside. The best pair- ings occur when the wine selected is as sweet or sweeter than the food so that the two remain in balance.

Wine Pairing

Ocaso- Sweet Rose

Babarosa- Moscato D’Asti

Natale Verga- Sweet Red

Chateau Pineau Saunterne

s Sandeman- Porto 10 Yr

Old Tawny

Wine Vs. Wine

Villa Antinori Toscana

This bottle has lovely dark notes of black berry, plum, tobacco,
and leather. The wine is moderately bold and balanced. It VS
comes from the world famous Antinori family, who have been making wine since 1385. This Toscana will pair well with duck, turkey and rabbit.

Casaponte Toscana

This romantic wine has beautiful red cherry and dark blueberry notes, with hints of vanilla and tobacco. It is a dry with medium acidity and tannins that are balanced by the body of the wine. It will pair nicely with Italian dishes like
lasagna, meatballs, veal, and ham.

Relax Riesling

This bottle is ripe with notes of apple, peach, pear, citrus and
honey. The wine comes from breathtaking valley of Mosel,
Germany. This Riesling will match well with pork, shellfish, spicy foods, poultry and cured meat due to its acidity.

Carl Sittmann Riesling

This German bottle of dry Riesling has notes of green apple and honey, with tropical notes of lime, pineapple, and leechee. This Riesling will match well with honey glazed ham, chicken and wafles, and blue cheese.

Andre Chemin Brut

This bottle is from the world renown wine destination,
Champagne, France. It is a bold champagne with high acidity and fizziness. Notes of green apple, pear, brioche, and citrus makes it great to pair with pork, fish, shellfish and mild/ soft cheeses.

Louis Dousset Grand Cru Champagne

This bottle also derives from Champagne, France yet is
moderately bold in body, acidic and fizzy. Notes of apple,
apricot and earthy honey gives a soft sweetness that pairs well
with shellfish, pork and soft/mild cheese.