Fans of the NFL have a new reason to drink beer this season: To support their teams!
Bud Light, the Official Beer of the NFL, is introducing 28 new team-specific cans, including the New York Giants, New York Jets and champion New England Patriots!
Working closely with 28 NFL squads, Bud Light created the team can design’s for this season. Each design features a customized scroll message that speaks directly to each team’s passionate fan base. The new cans are on shelves now.
4″The introduction of these all new Bud Light NFL team cans is a prime example of our brand’s new approach to how we work with our team partners across the league to better engage with fans via localized content and experiences. Ultimately, fans love football and the NFL, but what they really invest in emotionally each week is their individual team,” said Alexander Lambrecht, vice president of Bud Light, in a press release. “Each of these 28 cans features a customized message that speaks directly to each team’s passionate fan base, and throughout the  season Bud Light and its team partners will be unrelenting in delivering incredible, one-of-a-kind experiences to fans in their local team stadiums and markets.”