August 3rd is National IPA Day. So, Happy National IPA Day, Southeastern CT! That’s right, you read that correctly, just when you thought you needed another reason to drink a beer…

What better way to celebrate such a lovely holiday than with a cold and refreshing IPA? Bask in all of the IPA-glory with specials such as Founders All Day IPA 15 Pack for $14.99 and Harpoon 12 Packs for only $13.99 and much more at every Grand Wine & Spirits and Waterford Wine & Spirits locations!

Originally founded in 2011, National IPA Day was created to unite brewers, bloggers, and beer drinkers in their love of craft beer. Craft beer’s most iconic style of beer today happens to be the India Pale Ale! IPAs come in all different shapes, sizes and varieties; as do the hops that are used to make it! Each brewing region and each brewery can create their own version of the IPA with different flavor notes and complexities, as well as different levels of strength; from a lightly-hopped IPA, to Imperial/Double IPA ‘hop-monsters’ that will knock your socks off!

Swing by Grand Wine & Spirits and Waterford Wine & Spirits locations and show your love for this delicious style of beer by picking up a 12-pack, 6-pack, 4-pack, or bomber of your favorite IPA!

So grab a pint, a bottle, a glass, or a can, lift it high into the air and declare ‘Here’s to hops!’ Thursday August 3rd 2017!.