Rabbit has very little gaminess and has a slight sweetness to it. Because of it’s mild flavor, it’s best to pick a light-bodied wine that won’t overpower it.

  • Pinot Noir – DNA Vineyards
  • Côte du Rhône – Guigal
  • Pinot Gris – Chateau Ste. Michelle

Roast Duck

Duck is a fatty meat that needs a wine with some sharpness and acidity to cut through the fattiness. The wine should also have some ripe fruit to contrast with the rich flesh.

  • Pinot Noir – Fog Bank
  • Merlot – Landscape “Hidden Cove”
  • Barolo – Coopertiva


You need a massive red wine with this rich, flavorful meat. Since this is a gamey meat, it needs a wine that can match it’s earthiness.

  • Syrah – Marques de Navarro
  • Zinfandel – Ink Monster
  • Pinot Noir – Encore
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