Red Sauce

Pastas coated in a tomato sauce need a wine with similar acidity to taste full and balanced. A medium body red wine like a Chianti or Barbera would pair nicely, as the body of the wine would not overpower the pasta. If you add meat, mushrooms, or other accoutrements consider stepping the wine up to a Primitivo or a Super Tuscan. The added body will take care of the intensity of the additional ingredients. All of these wines have the extra bonus of being regional pairings.


Ink Monster


Da Vinci

Montepulciano d’Abruzzo

Nine 17

White Sauce

Pastas with white sauce have a richness that begs for a wine with body and acidity. The body is important because the wine could easily be overpowered by the pasta, and the acidity is critical as a palate refresher. The sauce competes as the star of this dish, so pair towards the sauce in most cases. A Rose will do fine with lighter and more elegant white sauces. Pinot Noir will pair well with parmesan laced dishes. Finally, Shiraz would make excellent pairing with pepper heavy dishes.


Yellow Tail

Pinot Noir

Fog Bank


Reserve Sainte Olive

Oil Based Sauce

Oil based sauces tend to highlight fresh herbs and the pasta itself, so lighter body whites will be preferred. Higher acidity can help cut through the oil of the sauce, opening the palate to the herbaceousness of the dish. Try picking a wine from Italy, so that you also get the added benefit of a regional pairing.


Chateau Ste. Michelle Dry


Largas Horas


Fiore Della Vita