Bloomy: Camembert, Brie

These are thick and creamy cheeses that have elegant notes of field mushroom and earthy forest. They categorized by their bloom of white mold on the outside, which is edible. This type of cheese is considered as one of the most decadent and creamy. The interior has a soft spreadable texture and has a mild flavor. The rind has a stronger and smellier flavor than the former. A high acid whites, light bodied reds, and sparkling wines would make for a nice pairing, because the acidity would cut through the richness of the cheese. Sparkling wine has the same effect, the bubbles clear and refresh the palate. The light body of these wines would also not overpower the delicate cheese, remaining in balance with one another.

Pinot Grigio

Ecco Domani


Pacific Cruise


Gran Duca

Hard:  Gouda, Cheddar, Parmesan

These cheeses develop their bold nuances from aging, filled with addictive umami character. They are quite firm and will typically break into crumbles or shards when bending or cutting the longer they are aged. The aging process helps create nutty and complex savory notes, and the loss of moister from maturing also concentrates the salt and aromas. Bold red wines and full white wines will pair nicely because they will match the intensity of this type of cheese.

Red Bordeaux

Chateau Rouge


Porto Cruz Ruby

Cabernet Sauvignon


Blue: Bleu, Gorgonzola

The flavor of these cheeses is derived mainly from the veins of blue mold that run through them. Their texture can vary from soft and creamy to semi-soft and crumbly. Depending on the type and region this cheese comes from they can be sweeter and milder, but all of this category will have plenty of sharpness and tang.


Porto Cruz Ruby


Royal Tokaji 5 Puttanyos


Chateau Doisy-Védrines

Fresh: Feta, Mozzarella, Goat

This cheese is soft and rindless, and can be made with cow, goat or sheep milk. As their name suggests they are not aged and are usually available nearly immediately after making. This cheese typically has a mild and slightly tangy flavor. This category includes mozzarella like cheeses, soft goat cheeses, farmer’s cheese, ricotta and others several others. This cheese acts a canvas for higher acid reds and whites. The strength of the cheese is so mild that occasionally the flavor can be lost. Regional pairing work well with this category of cheese, so choose light bodied wine for the country or style of origin.

Pinot Grigio

Nine 17

Sauvignon Blanc

La Joya


Georges Duboeuf