Sweeter wines complement cheesecake well. A Rieslings acidity will cut the denseness of the cheesecake. A sauvignon blanc will pair well with any topping you may want to go on the cake. A sherry has a smooth texture that goes well with this dessert.

  • Riesling – Clean Slate
  • Sauvignon Blanc – Harbortown
  • Sherry – Harvey’s Cream

Milk Chocolate

The extra fat from the cream in milk chocolate makes it easy to pair with a variety of wines.

  • Syrah – Landscape “The Bridge”
  • Brachetto d’Acqui – Banfi Rosa Regale
  • Pinot Noir – The Pinot Situation

Apple Pie

Because apple pie isn’t overly sugary, it pairs with a few different dessert wines. Light, sweet wines bring out the fruit. Fortified wines, like port, bring out the caramel flavors in the pie.

  • Moscato d’Asti – Cupcake
  • Riesling –  Carl Sittman
  • Port – Porto Cruz Tawny
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