Northeast Beverage is going to be etching bottles of Eagle Rare, Buffalo Trace, and Fireball. Presales will start the day after Thanksgiving. This is a free program for the customers, but Northeast is asking for donations that will all go to the CT Food Bank. They are going to donate $5 to the CT Food Bank per bottle etched, and match what the customers donate as well. When a customer wants to do a pre-sale, you will set the bottle aside with the order form that Northeast will drop off to stores soon. Every week, a rep will come in and pick them up along with any donations. The pre-sale will run from 11/22-12/9. All bottles pre-sold will be returned by 12/15. Northeast will be in store on 12/2 from 3-5 to etch bottles of Eagle Rare only. Customers that come in that day will get them back that day. There can be up to 2 lines, with 10-12 characters per line.