Tofu is a sponge for flavor, so the wine you pair with will depend on the other components of the dish. Tofu on its own is very delicate, so pair with a light-bodied wine. Soft tofu dishes are generally very subtle in flavor, so they work best with light, crisp white wines. Firm or dry tofu will want acidic wines to accentuate the texture of the tofu.




Chateau Doisy-Védrines


Chateau Ste. Michelle

Kale Salad

Anything kale will be a challenge to pair a wine with as they have to fight with a vinaigrette and also lots of chlorophyll. The acids in vinegar are different and usually make a wine taste as if it has gone rancid. Chlorophyll will contrast with the wine, tasting more bitter. If you dare to take on the herculean task of finding a wine that pairs well, try something sweet, bubbly, or high acid. These wines can take almost anything you throw at them, so they should work fine.


Carl Sittman

Sauvignon Blanc

Reserve Sainte Olive


Fiore Della Vita

Mushroom Risotto

Mushroom risotto is a creamy, earthy, and unctuous dish that demands an equally full wine. Medium and light body reds and full-bodied whites will match the intensity of the fat of the risotto as well. A creamy oaked Chardonnay, an earthy Dolcetto, and a fruitful Nero d’Avola would pair very well, as they have the body to pair beautifully.

Pinot Noir

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Landscape “The Oak”

Pinot Gris