Vodka is far and away the most popular and widely enjoyed spirit in the world. The best word to describe the ideal vodka is clean. Vodka is a neutral spirit. It should have no flavor of its own. That makes it extremely versatile in crafting a wide range of cocktails.

Flavored Vodkas have a wide range of flavors from desserty and fruit flavors. Mouth Puckering sours. Ready to go goodness. There are endless options for interesting flavors to try. It’s delicious Click on a picture below for your favorite vodka¬†recipes.

Dirty Martini


White Russian

Harvey Wallbanger

Cape Codder

Vodka Martini

Black Russian

Vodka Collins

Bloody Mary

Sex On The Beach



Fuzzy Navel

Long Island Ice Tea

Lemon Drop

Apple Martini


Vodka Tonic