First, let us say the best tequila is the one you like. There are various tequilas for various occasions. A good tequila can be sipped with pleasure, like a fine scotch. You can spend from about $7.00 for 750Ml of some white or silver tequila and this could work just fine for that large vat of margaritas at the back yard barbeque. But it is certainly not something you would pour in a glass for a shot, or a small glass to sip on alongside a “sangrita,” a tomato-and-citrus beverage. A $200 bottle of tequila will gently land across your palate, cooling it with light vanillas and spice; bringing you gently away from a busy day. There is so much to know about Tequila and depending on your palate and style of cocktail, you can enjoy it many different ways. Click on a picture below for your favorite tequila recipes.


Tequila Martini

Mexican Coffee

Bloody Maria

Salty Chihuahua

Tequila Sunrise

Long Island


Grateful Dead

Black Cat

Blue Diablo

Fuzzy Pierced Navel

Harvest Moon

Lemonade Lush

Tequila Seabreeze