Rack of Lamb

Lamb is a more delicate red meat, so it benefits from a lighter, more delicate wine. It’s best to opt for more medium-bodied wines or bold reds with smoother tannins.

  • Syrah – Marques de Navarro
  • Petit Sirah – Spellbound
  • Malbec – Conquista

Shepherd’s Pie

This dish is very rich and hearty. It works best with a bold wine whose tannins and peppery flavor can stand up to it.

  • Côte du Rhône – Mas Arnaud
  • Cabernet Franc – Marques de Navarro
  • Cabernet Sauvignon – Landscape “The Rock”

Lamb Tagine

You’ll want to find a low-tannin red to pair with an exotic dish like lamb tagine. These fruitier reds usually pair well with the fruits used in tagine.

  • Nero d’Avola – Costa al Sole
  • Rioja – Campo Viejo Reserva
  • Montepulciano d’Abruzzo – Nine 17
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